[svlug] menus in debian

joost witteveen joostje at debian.org
Wed May 3 12:51:23 PDT 2000

Je 2000/05/03(3)/11:05, Joey Hess montris sian geniecon skribante:

> Erik Steffl wrote:
> >   1) how to include a menu at the top level (i.e. not in submenu), all
> > menu definitions require section="submenu" and there is no way to have
> > submenu empty.
> Hm, what an interesting question. It seems nobody has wanted to do that
> before, because it seems to be quite impossible. I've cc'd the author of
> menu, perhaps he'll have some fix I missed.

Thanks for CC-ing me:)

Actually, there have been people that tried to do it before, but the
other part of your answer is quite correct (it's quite impossible to
add something outside the Debian tree).

Originally, my idea was that the Debian menu package is there for
the Debian tree, not for the rest. (And that local systadmins can
add stuff to the rc file of the wm used locally, if they want to).

But I see now it may be useful if a local systemadmin can use menu,
as s/he only needs to know the menu entry file syntax to add an entry,
and there may be several wm's used at one site.

So, I'm tempted to write the fix Joey mentioned above. 

However, someone from mandrake already bugged me about other things
missing in the current menu, and, what a surprise, the impossibly
of empty an empty section was one of his points. I already sent him
fixes, but haven't made anything available for Debian yet.
(This is actually due to something else for Debian I'm working
on, I hope you'll hear about that within one week now).

Anyway, I'll upload the fixes mentioned above before the weekend
to unstable. (they allow 'section="/"', not 'section=""', and
do also other things).

> >   2) is there a way to sort the menus the way I want? I know I can sort
> > submenus before menus, but I would like to sort some menu items
> > exactlythe way I want.
> The sort directive is farly flexible, it doesn't just do that one kind
> of sorting. I don't know what way you want, but I suspect it can be
> done.


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