[svlug] FUD: Are Linux Users Sloppy?

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Wed May 3 18:21:35 PDT 2000

> Compared to what?  To the written specifications of either IEEE
> 1003.x or UNIX(TM) as specified by The Open Group and other proven
> implementations.  My point is that Linux has a reference point.

Precisely. What does NT have? Marketing. There's nothing to point to
independent of MS that says "this is the way things _should_ work" and
thus no standardization nor any impetus to conform to known standards of

> too limiting.  The sad part is when these people become UNIX users
> and typically login as "root" because they have been brainwashed
> by practice to think that is the normal thing to do.

And there's been a lot of discussion (kde list) where ppl want to be
able to just log in as root and do everything -- one person wanted to
run a root kde and a user kde on two separate consoles -- talk about
waste of resources.

> were so complicated, they reminded me of programming large control
> blocks for an IBM mainframe.  Knowing the right way to use them was

ISTR some JCL from 370 programming classes. Pretty complicated way
to do things IMHO.

> a nightmare.  In fact, I seriously suspect that most NT developers
> don't program at that level, and that Microsoft doesn't want them

Then again, most people don't program in raw Xlib either :).

> (Then again, I believe that system admin people should knowledgeable
> enough to do tech support as well.  But I realize that probably is
> not what most IT shops are doing.)

They're too busy making backups and running around to every machine
in the organization installing software etc. :)

> I suspect we are growing a crop of Linux users with little to no sys
> admin exposure.  As Windows users, they never cared about it before;

Right, and I think so too, except that there are some people that are
at least clueful enough to admin their own boxes - even in Windows. For
instance, if someone is clueful enough to be able to handle scandisk
barfing without needing to call their manufacturer or MS technical 
support, they may be likely to understand how to recover from an
"unexpected inconsistency" fsck error in Linux. It's just being able
to handle slightly different technology. Where I think it breaks down
is with *multiple* machines -- i.e., networks. Most just aren't used to
that sort of environment. That's what most people expect admining to be,
and 'admining' one's own box doesn't really count, even though some
useful concepts have been learned.

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