[svlug] Who behaviour

dfox@belvdere.vip.best.com dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com
Wed May 3 17:56:06 PDT 2000

>   I used to have problems becuase some of my programs were using libc5
> (telnet/login) and others were using libc6 (xterm/who) and therefore the
> wtmp/utmp were screwed up. took me some time to figure out.

I've experienced, essentially, the reverse of Justin's problem -- for a
long time in Redhat 5.x, before I upgraded to 6.0, I noticed that 'who'
would only output one line, regardless of how many users were logged
on. I'm not sure how that happened, my guess being a corrupt utmp/wtmp
file, but I've never bothered to touch those two. Anyhow, a reinstall/
upgrade to 6.0 fixed that little issue. It's possible that there was
an inconsistency somewhere.

> 	erik
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