[svlug] PHP - GPL - QT

Jean-Marc Libs libs at cybercable.tm.fr
Wed May 3 11:57:44 PDT 2000

> That said, I missed last week's PHP group and I'm anxious to hear Rasmus.

As Rasmus plays Mr Innocent Flamefest Bystander, I couldn't help
wondering about what the general feeling is about PHP going away
from the GPL.
PHP3 comes in two licenses, one of them the GPL. PHP4 does not
come with the GPL anymore, and its engine (Zend) comes with the
QT licence. As a hard-core php promoter since version 1.99s,
I feel a bit shaken.
I'd love to hear Rasmus but I won't be coming tonight (too far)

According to the developpers, the GPL constrains the spread of 
PHP in corporate environments. I'm somewhat unconvinced one way or the 
other. PHP seems to spread just fine as it is.
Opinions ? (this is not a call for flames, it's a honest question)

Jean-Marc Libs

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"Microsoft isn't evil, they just make crappy OS's" 
- Linus Torvalds

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