[svlug] Re: Happy Hacking Keyboards Locally?

Romain Kang romain at icp.siemens.com
Wed May 3 09:58:05 PDT 2000

If you simply want a compact keyboard, Weird Stuff in Sunnyvale had
piles of an remaindered 83-key model from Scorpius a few weeks ago @
$7.50.  You need an AT-to-PS/2 adaptor ($1.50), key action is not
as quiet or smooth as the HHKB Lite, and you can have any color
so long as it's black.  However, if you also use Gatesware through
the same keyboard, the dedicated keys for alt/insert/delete/page
up+down/etc. are a big help.

In the mean time, my HHKB Lite sits boxed in the closet, awaiting the
coming of a Gates-free paradise...

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