[svlug] Happy Hacking Keyboards Locally?

Jim McMurry jmcmurry at mediatonic.com
Tue May 2 20:20:47 PDT 2000


You will not be let down.  I ordered two of them (one standard to connect
to my Sparc and one for my wife - lite version)

I couldnt find anyone who sells them locally either.  SO I bit the
bullet.  They seem to take a long time to arrive though, even though they
ship fedex, i ordered on tuesday evening and they arrived today......

Overall impression so far is that they are worth the wait...and it freed
up a lot of space on my cramped cockpit style desk.

Jim McMurry

"Jeremy D. Zawodny" wrote:

> Anyone know of a place that carries the Happy Hacking keyboards
> locally? I'd like to try one out and see if it's something I'd like to
> buy or not, but the few places I've looked (mostly bigger chains)
> don't carry 'em.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
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