[svlug] Linux in China

Rick Kwan kenobi at lightsaber.com
Mon May 1 17:13:33 PDT 2000

[Hopefully this is not a double post; the address I used earlier
looks suspect...  --Rick Kwan]

Hi, folks.  I came back from Beijing, China, a couple of weeks ago.
I was off doing training on SGML and UNIX.  Used my Linux laptop a
few times to demo some things.  (Audience was from Taiwan, China,
Korea, and U.S.)

It is indeed true that the Chinese government does not want Windows
2000 on its machines, and that Red Flag Linux is in development.

There are PCs in homes with modem connections.  But the machines are
typically small.  One person I talked to uses a 486.  Thus Windows
2000 is seen is too bloated for them.

I saw a very big display for Linux in the major bookstore there,
but was not able to stop by.  (LINUX in 1.5 meter tall letters.)
Went back a few days later; no display, but found several translated
books on Linux.  (My Chinese illiteracy is catching up with me.)

Did not have time during this round to look up the local Linux users
group (Tsinghua University), but I was told it was pretty strong.

--Rick Kwan
  rick.kwan at lightsaber.com

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