[svlug] Who behaviour

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Mon May 1 10:12:50 PDT 2000

"Justin F. Knotzke" wrote:
>         I have a simple question concerning the 'who' command.
>         The manpage for 'who' states that 'who' reads /var/run/utmp to get
> info on who is logged on. When does this file get updated? 'who'
> states that on my system four users are logged on when in fact I know
> that only one is logged on.

  utmp/wtmp are updated by all programs that enable you to login (sort
of), that would be telnet, login, xterm (and I guess most of terminal
programs like eterm/aterm/rxvt...)

  I used to have problems becuase some of my programs were using libc5
(telnet/login) and others were using libc6 (xterm/who) and therefore the
wtmp/utmp were screwed up. took me some time to figure out.

  however, in your case, I guess you just have few xterms opened... each
of them counts as separate login (in a sense that each has a separate
entry in utmp/wtmp).


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