[svlug] FUD: Are Linux Users Sloppy?

Marc Merlin marc_news at valinux.com
Tue May 2 19:25:38 PDT 2000

On mar, mai 02, 2000 at 07:16:37 -0700, J C Lawrence wrote:
> I know of whole divisions of companies where the password standard
> is the 3l33t spelling of the service in question.  The sad thing is,
> from a _probable_ dictionary perspective its not going to reveal
> itself (eg I suspect Marc Merlin's vaunted crack setup doesn't check
> that pattern for instance (Marc?)).  EQually, the problem is that

You suspect wrong :-)

magic(@va):/var/local/adm/Crack5/conf# l rules.perm
rules.perm1   rules.perm2   rules.perm3   rules.perm4   
rules.perm1c  rules.perm2c  rules.perm3c  rules.perm4c
magic(@va):/var/local/adm/Crack5/conf# more rules.perm4

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