[svlug] Re: [Officers] SVLUG Ineffective Communication - A Rant Everyone Should Read

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Tue May 2 18:33:30 PDT 2000

 >       Being told that I am "friggin clueless" or in fact "friggin" anything
>         has the following result --
>         1. I want to tell you exactly where you can stick it, so you won't
>            be "clueless" about that
>         2. I am incented to give my overtaxed time to the other *4*
>            organizations whose websites I'm involved in.

Nowhere did I say you were "friggin clueless". I said WE -- as an 
organization -- LOOKED friggin clueless because the web site "coming 
meetings" page was a messed-up joke of a page. If this is problematic for 
you, then perhaps you should have been on top of it in the first place. I'm 
sorry if the harsh reality of the world was too much for your sensibilities 
but the bottom line is: "WE DID LOOK FRIGGIN CLUELESS".  We have, arguably, 
the best and brightest in our LUG, but we can't keep a damned web page current!

> > >Being jerks to volunteers really drives people to work harder
> > >doesn't it?
> >
> > If "wanting to do better" is "being a jerk", then I guess I will happily
> > accept the title of "Jerk" and wish that the president of my LUG was 
> also a
> > "Jerk" so that he would be doing HIS best.
>Do better, maybe.  *You* can start by being polite, *always*.  Chris was
>being sarcastic.  That means he was attempting, with a sense of humor, to
>tell you that it was having the opposite effect from your obvious though
>petulant complaint.

I recognized that, Heather, thanks, and if you read my reply, noted that I 
was happy to accept the title of "Jerk", since it was obviously equivalent 
to  "Wanting us to not look like we were clueless".

>Funny you should mention that.  Ian quit because he was (1) overtaxed,
>(2) underappreciated and (3) tired of dealing with certain people's pissy

Thankfully, #3 in Ian's case wasn't me. And if volunteers are feeling 
underappreciated, maybe its because they ARE underappreciated.

>Don't generate a repeat case by being the one to set off (3) on someone's

If someone isn't doing the job the way they've volunteered to in the first 
place, then pointing out the problem can HARDLY generate WORSE results, can 
it? I mean, if the page isn't getting updated, and the person who was 
supposed to update it quits, then ... what? ... how is that WORSE than what 
it was before? Now, at least, we have an opening to fill with someone who 
potentially WILL do the work. That's a "win win" scenario as far as I can tell.


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