[svlug] Re: [Officers] SVLUG Ineffective Communication - A Rant Everyone Should Read

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 2 14:35:03 PDT 2000

Quoting Derek J. Balling (dredd at megacity.org):

> How many times has Rick complained in the past about inadequacies? I
> won't speak for him and cannot, but I bet if you ask him, his answer
> is "aw, hell, I gave up trying".

Hmm.  I wouldn't express it that way.

I'm aware that there've been some necessary server migrations at
machines donated and administered for SVLUG's benefit by a friendly
local Linux company.  That caused some minor dislocations.  I'm aware,
more than in the past, that getting speaker information nailed down
a month in advance is no mean feats.  I now have a _lot_ of respect
for volunteers who arrange speakers.  Sam, for example, did the job for
not just one but _two_ groups (SVLUG _and_ BALUG), for a long time.

I'm aware that coordination of volunteers, and trying to make sure they
have the information they need when they need it, is a tough and ongoing
problem.  Throw more staff at the problem, and you run up against
Brooks's Law -- but, more often, you have too _few_ volunteers.

I think part of the long-term key (on the technical end of things) is to
design Web pages, and the process that maintains them, so as to be as
self-correcting, natural, and easy as possible.  E.g., using PHP3.  ;->

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