[svlug] FUD: Are Linux Users Sloppy?

John Lawless jlawless at redwoodscientific.com
Tue May 2 12:41:49 PDT 2000

After the discovery a security weakness in RH6.2, The Industry Standard sums
up the problem as:

> But because there hasn't been as much widespread use of Linux to secure
> sensitive machines, Linux users tend to be somewhat lax about security,
> says Alan Paller, research director at the System Administration,
> Networking and Security (SANS) Institute in Bethesda, M.D.
>     "It's not that the operating system [Linux] is intrinsically weaker,
> it's that the people who use it are less careful," Paller says. "Nobody
> closes the holes."

see http://www.thestandard.com/article/display/1,1151,14491,00.html

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