[svlug] Re: [Officers] SVLUG Ineffective Communication - A Rant Everyone Should Read

Derek J. Balling dredd at megacity.org
Tue May 2 13:40:36 PDT 2000

At 06:27 AM 5/1/00 -0700, Chris J. DiBona wrote:
>Okay, how about this: You being a jerk to volunteers sure helps a lot.

When have I been a jerk to volunteers? I said we LOOK like we're friggin 
clueless. We have, arguably, among the brightest membership base to draw 
from, but if you look at our public presentation you would never know it. 
THAT's what I was saying, Chris. Stop taking everything so damned personally.

>Being jerks to volunteers really drives people to work harder
>doesn't it?

If "wanting to do better" is "being a jerk", then I guess I will happily 
accept the title of "Jerk" and wish that the president of my LUG was also a 
"Jerk" so that he would be doing HIS best.

>Frankly, SVLUG isn't a broken SCSI driver or a bad kernel. SVLUG
>is more like a driver for a device that works fine, could be a little
>faster, could be a little more efficient, but it does the job.


>So I'll say to you that while I would have liked the announcement to go
>out earlier, it was more than 27 hours before the meeting. (3 days
>before? I don't rememeber) again

Yeah, I saw that. That was during the "what the hell stage" when all my 
mail filters for SVLUG got broke by SVLUG changing the software for the 
mailing list. I'll admit to probably having lost it in that shuffle. 
Doesn't change that 4-5 days notice is still really poor.

>, I'd love for there to be more warning,
>but I'm not going to spend my life prompting sam to move faster.

Reality Check, Chris: You're the president. Making sure the other officers 
do what they're supposed to is part of the job we elected you to do.

>know when SVLUG is (everyone now:) First wednesday of the month. It's been
>like that for 3 years now at least.

Right, and many of us plan or decide if we can schedule the time to go 
BASED ON whether the subject of the lecture is something we're directly 
interested in. Knowing that further in advance is a Very Good Thing, both 
through the announce list as well as through the web site.

>All that people need to know is who is
>speaking. I'll make sure that's fixed.


>So, that siad,  I've talked with Lisa who will get the changes up so that
>the page will be up to date and with the next 4 speakers up. She assures
>me it will be up before the end of the day. I managed to do it wwithout
>being a jerk or calling people "friggin clueless".

Congratulations. Now aim that same charm at Sam for timely information and 
we'll be golden. :)

>And you talk about complaints, and yes there have been a few, but I can
>only think of a few that have been from members other than you.

Most of the others have tired of calling it to peoples attention how bad we 
look to the world. How many times has Rick complained in the past about 
inadequacies? I won't speak for him and cannot, but I bet if you ask him, 
his answer is "aw, hell, I gave up trying". Ask Ian, and I'm sure you'd get 
an earful. I, on the other hand, hold out a lot of hope for us. Perhaps, 
from your attitude in this, I am mistaken.


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