[svlug] SVLUG Ineffective Communication - A Rant Everyone Should Read

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Tue May 2 13:13:00 PDT 2000

Reply at end.

At 12:44 PM 5/2/00 -0700, Derek J. Balling wrote:
>Can I ask a question, in all fairness?
>Can we, as a whole, set a standard for ourselves that "At the May meeting, 
>we will announce the speaker for the June meeting", and so forth?
>Finding out who the speaker is and what the topic of the meeting is, 
>approximately 27 hours prior to the meeting, is NOT good communication by 
>any stretch of the imagination.
>Every month, we have this same thing happen, people will complain about the 
>short-notice of the announcement, and yet (still) nothing has been done to 
>change this. We are still rolling along with the status quo.
[rest deleted]

In fairness to the officers ... it seems to me that the people who complain
about short notice and the people who do the work of organizing the meetings
are two different groups. So no, Derek, "we as a whole" cannot set standards
for "ourselves" ... because the people wishing to set the standard and the
people being asked to meet it are not the same people. If some of the first
group joined the second, perhaps the second group would be able to perform
to the higher standards desired by the first. 

Please note that I make this observation as an outsider, being a member of
neither group. 

Also, I received a notice about this meeting several days ago -- today's
message was, for me, a reminder, not "[f]inding out who the speaker is and
what the topic of the meeting is, approximately 27 hours prior to the meeting". 

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