[svlug] McGrawHill GPL violation?

Stephen R. Savitzky steve at theStarport.org
Tue May 2 07:48:27 PDT 2000

Steve M Bibayoff <smb23 at csufresno.edu> writes:

> Does anyone have in there possession a copy of a McGraw-Hill Linux book
> which came w/ a CD. Osborne is also a McGraw-Hill company. The reason I'm
> asking is when I was at the bookstore today, I've noticed that MH has come
> out w/ quite a few "Linux" books that came w/ CD's, but if you looked at
> the license that was on the last page, you would notice it was very
> non-free(can't copying, transfere, install more than one machine, etc..)
> W/o actually buying the book and seeing whats on the CD, I couldn't tell
> if they included any GNU programs or any speciffically any GPL programs.

It's a very safe bet that they included the kernel!  Not to mention
GNU emacs, GNU tar, GNU make,...

My guess is that the license is the one they've always used for CD's
included in books, and either nobody has bothered to give them a clue
(unlikely) or we need a bigger clue-by-four.

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