[svlug] Virtual hosting

J M frshtrx at hotmail.com
Mon May 1 13:09:20 PDT 2000

Hi -
This, I can't make sense of...
I'm trying to set up my RedHat6.1 Machine to virtual host.
www.regularIP.com works fine initially.

I've pinged  the virtualURL at the IP. DNS works, the server replies.
When I configure /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
NameVirtualHost XXX.XXX. ( IP#)
(Virtualhost xxx.xxx (IP#)
etc...for both entries, different document roots, etc.
Neither URL will resolve,
I get "/URL not found on this server" error.
but when I delete all the NameVirtualHost info... to get back to working 
original config,  the www.VirtualURL will display index page of 
I thought it couldn't do that.
If so , why?
Where else can I look to see why NameVirtualHost won't work? what causes 
"/URL not found on this server" error
I've confirmed srm.conf to read what the HOW-TO's spec.
Thanks for any help,
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