[svlug] how to ping a dead system

Alexander Hartmann hartmann at web.de
Mon May 1 11:40:16 PDT 2000

Hi !

> so i send a ping -c1 xxx.xxx.xxx
> BUT if the system is dead this ping just does not seem
> to terminate. Any tips on what my script should do to
> catch this?

>From the ping manpage : (I can't tell which version I have, I found no option to output the number) :

 -w maxwait
        Specifies the number of seconds to wait for a response to a pack­
        et before transmitting the next one.  The default is 10.

With 'ping -c1 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -w 2' , the command terminates after 2 seconds (which should be enough for a ping), at least on my machine.


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