[svlug] how to ping a dead system

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Mon May 1 11:31:04 PDT 2000

Quick followup to my own posting ... how long did you give the unsuccessful
ping to return? 

If I do from the command line

        ping -c1 some.good.ip.address

the (successful) return is practically instantaneous. But if I do 

        ping -c1 some.bad.ip.address

the command takes 10 seconds to terminate in a failure report. 

Might your script problems just somehow be reflecting this 10-second delay?

At 11:20 AM 5/1/00 -0700, Ray Olszewski wrote:
>At 10:57 AM 5/1/00 -0700, HvR wrote:
>>i want to create a script that pings all my favourite
>>machines and when one of them has died it should send
>>an email to me. 
>>so i send a ping -c1 xxx.xxx.xxx
>>BUT if the system is dead this ping just does not seem
>>to terminate. Any tips on what my script should do to
>>catch this?

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