[svlug] Re: [svlug]Re: how to copy a bunch of "." files?

Bill Schoolcraft Bill at wiliweld.com
Sat Apr 29 19:07:26 PDT 2000

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Walter Reed wrote:


> True, but because it's only GNU, so it's not portable. If you routinely work
> on a mix of systems, it's good to learn the other method.



	In my classes on "Unix Sys-Admin" at CCSF one of my tasks was to tar up
some files recursivly down some directory and having nailed the lesson
here at home on my Linux box I uploaded the script to the "HP-Unix" that
CCSF uses and the 'tar' command on "HP-Unix" has some restrictions on
the flags, or 'GNU cp' has the extras, but anyway I was SOOOOOOOooo glad
it broke for I then realized I could have been at a job and assumed that
my tar script was flawless. I now am keenly aware of even kernel
differences in linux environments.

	Since that experience I did some serious thinking and realized that I
don't have the old school experience like my teachers at the "CoffeeNet"
in San Francisco and set forth to venture into other Unix's for some
head-thumping experience, now running OpenBSD-2.6 at home and
FreeBSD-4.0 at work, my first look at the /dev directory told me it
would be a cold day in hell when I found something like /dev/hda there,
or an eth0 !!.

	The /dev directory changed naming conventions going from FreeBSD-3.4 to
FreeBSD-4.0 alone, that in itself is something I felt good being aware
of, especially coming up on (fingers-crossed) my 1 year anniversery of
computer employment.

PS, if this does post to SVLUG, the last few posts must have just been
dropped and I apologize for holding you hostage twice. :)

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