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Ulrich Drepper is speaking at Berkeley on Friday in a talk
sponsored by EECS and Red Hat, Inc.  The context (but not the
substance) of the talk is apparently Red Hat recruiting.

I was involved in telling the EECS Department that, from the
description, this sounded like a legitimate technical talk and
not just a marketing event.  I told them I would try to attend -- my
current work schedule makes that impossible, unfortunately.  <sigh>

This message doesn't mention it, but Ulrich Drepper is the maintainer
of the GNU libc, which is another huge and important package that
makes your system possible, mostly behind the scenes.

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Ulrich Drepper will give a talk at 5:30 pm on
Friday April 28th in room 306 Soda Hall (auditorium) on

*new developments in open source technology
*new features in the Linux kernel
*embedded systems development platforms

Get your technical questions answered!  Win prizes!
Eat FREE pizza! For more information email to:
lugmaster at redhat.com or call 919-547-0012 x 296

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