[svlug] Re: [svlug]Re: how to copy a bunch of "." files?

Marc Merlin marc_news at valinux.com
Sun Apr 30 20:24:39 PDT 2000

On sam, avr 29, 2000 at 10:26:59 -0700, Walter Reed wrote:
> > It's just like the tar cf - | (cd dest; tar xvf -), it's really useless when
> > you have GNU cp.
> True, but because it's only GNU, so it's not portable. If you routinely work
> on a mix of systems, it's good to learn the other method.
Oh, you're talking about the systems who do not even ship with simple tools
like gzip?
Back  when I  worked on  those, the  first thing  I'd do  is copy  over some
/usr/local/GNU tree that I had compiled  for that architecture, and add that
to the default path.

It's pathetic that big  vendors like Sun and IBM ship tools  that are so old
and so broken (like  tail -n has a fixed buffer size and  a line limit), and
have to the gall to still not include basic tools like gzip.
At least SGI had a clue in that respect and shipped some GNU tools.

> As a mini rant, I sure wish Solaris, HPUX, AIX, etc would use the GNU tools.
> It would make life SO much easier. I mean, Solaris has this broken tar that
> has NEVER been fixed, doesn't support compression, etc. The comercial unixes
> have no excuse to ship the garbage they do. When I setup a solaris box

That's why I've chosen not to use them anymore.

They're so obsolete, it's not even funny...

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