[svlug] Re: [svlug]Re: how to copy a bunch of "." files?

Chris Waters xtifr at dsp.net
Sun Apr 30 13:10:32 PDT 2000

dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com writes:

> > It would make life SO much easier. I mean, Solaris has this broken
> > tar that has NEVER been fixed, doesn't support compression,
> > etc. The comercial unixes 

> Certainly. OTOH, I"ve gotten used to 'zcat filename | tar -xvf' for some
> reason, I suppose, and I've never run the commercial Unices.

Yes -- if you had, you'd know that 'zcat' is usually a link to
'compress' on most *NIXen, and thus won't work on .gz files.  :-)

I'm constantly stumbling over 'zcat' vs. 'gzcat' when I move between
systems.  I should probably just give up and make a 'gzcat' link on my
Linux systems.
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