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Tony Guntharp (fusion94) fusion94 at valinux.com
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> not hit the explosive parts, especially since a good bomb is allways
> touch-sensitive...

BS...there is no such thing as a good bomb.

FYI the actual procedure here is:

1.) Receive the Incident Report
	a.) record the information
	b.) request additional information
	c.) request support (fire, medical, et al)
	d.) recommend evacuation, protective works, personnel, and
	    any additional procautions
	e.) notify US Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal Control Center

2.) Brief the Disposal Team
	a.) type of suspected ordnance and location
	b.) transportation and route to site
	c.) equipment and publications required
	d.) communications
	e.) support available
	f.) safety precautions
	g.) actions taken by onsite unit
	h.) incident category

3.) Disposal Team Actions
	a.) recon the suspected device (take boobytrap precautions until
	    eliminated), Mark the area and route into site, check for
            secondary devices as well
	b.) identify the ordnance (in this case IED or Improvised
            Explosive Device)
	c.) advise the Area Commander of the situation and hazards after
            identifying the device
	d.) Plan of Attack for RSP (Render Safe Procedure)
	e.) coordinate with the area commander and advise precautions in
            the event the RSP fails
	f.) perform the RSP and log all deviations
	g.) advise the area commander of completion
	h.) request support if needed
	i.) complete records and log
	j.) clean up and begin evidence collection.

Part of the Recon Phase above is to xray the suspected device using the
X-Ray MK 32 Mod 0. The reason for the x-ray is not to determine where the
explosives are but where the trigger and/or power supply for the device is
at. The purpose here is not to hit ANY explosives but to RSP the IED by
taking out the trigger and/or power supply. Also shotguns are not used. A
device called the JROD is. The JROD is basically a high powered water
cannon (enough power to blow through a car door though) powered by either
a .50 caliber blank. In some instances a shotgun blank can be used.

Graduate of the US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal School and ex-bomb
technician for the military.

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On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, A.J. Venter wrote:

> What would have been worse is if there had been a bomb, and the shotgun did
> not hit the explosive parts, especially since a good bomb is allways
> touch-sensitive...
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> > The bomb squad arrived at 7 a.m. and fired a shell from a shotgun
> > into the package to set off any explosive devices inside.
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