[svlug] VPN or better how to get to work from a hotelroom using linux

HvR hvrietsc at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 28 13:01:35 PDT 2000

More and more i find myself in hotels that have a high
speed internet connection. Although all their
instructions to connect assume windows, i tried it
with my linux laptop and SUCCESS! (their hotel routing
sw probably runs on linux or freebsd). 

Interesting though: i do NOT get an IP address (i had
mine set to DHCP but nothing happened, when i set it
to my home static address all worked correctly, so it
was NOT using my IP address info since my home IP
address is bogus outside my home...)

This is what i would like to do:
telnet to our dept. server (yes we allow that)
do xhost +dept.server
and then startup netscape on the remote host and have
it display on my laptop in the hotel.

My problem: in the hotel i do not have an IP address
so i cannot set DISPLAY=IP:0 ????????????

I read the VPN howto but am no wiser...

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