[svlug]PPP Dial-in setup

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Thu Apr 27 17:28:55 PDT 2000

There are several ways to do it, depending on (a) which *getty your system
uses and (agetty and mgetty are both options) (b) how you want to
authenticate connections (userid/password, CHAP, PAP). The only actual
example I have around is ancient, a system I set up 6 years ago using agetty
on Slackware. There's a short section on setting up PPP "servers" toward the
end of the PPP HowTo. Alvin Oga used to have a sample mgetty-based server
script posted, but I've forgotten the URL.

Let me know if you want me to send you (privately; it's a bit much for the
list) the old example I have. Or it might be easier if you describe what
you're trying to do; then perhaps I or another can spot the "something real
simple" you're missing.

At 10:37 AM 4/27/00 -0400, Mike Spraggins wrote:
>Linux Brethren,
>I've never needed to set my server up as a dial-in server with PPP, but
>now I do and I'm having some problems.  
>I'm running Redhat 5.0 (been working fine!) and have an external modem
>on COM2.  I can dial into the system, login and get to the shell, but
>can't seem to get a PPP connection established.  I have a single
>business user that needs to access the internet through my box, nothing
>complicated.  They are using Windows 98 dial-up networking.  The problem
>is definitely on the server side.
>The server is co-located at my ISP's location currently hosting email
>and web traffic on the net.
>I've gone through the manuals and net resources but I must be missing
>something real simple.  Can anyone advise what files, scripts etc. need
>to be in place (with examples if possible) to get this working?

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