[svlug]lilo graphics?

Richard Jennings Richard_Jennings at sandia.gov
Thu Apr 27 13:23:26 PDT 2000

Caldera's OpenLinux 2.2 has a graphic screen that is displayed at start up
apparently by lilo.

/etc/lilo.conf has the line
"message = /boot/message"

Message points to a 28 kB binary file in /boot.

The lilo user's guide has this short paragraph about message:

"Specifies a file containing a message that is displayed before the boot
prompt. No message is displayed while waiting for a modifier key(Shift,
etc.) after prointing "LILO". In the message, the FF character (CtrL)
clears the local screen. The size of the message file is limited to 65535
bytes. The map file has to be rebuilt if the message file is changed or

OpenLinux's startup screen looks pretty involved but I'm impressed with the
way they were able to manipulate the display. Can anyone point me to
information on how startup graphics are displayed by lilo and how they are
generated? I tried to display the /boot/message binary with GIMP but was


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