[svlug]sendmail aliases

Gordon Vrololjak gvrdolja at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Apr 27 08:55:20 PDT 2000

I can get sendmail to send email to a group of people by editing the
/etc/aliases file and adding:
emlstaff:       gvrdolja at nature.berkeley.edu, vrdoljak at uclink.berkeley.edu

However, when I try to get it to read addresses from a list by the line:
emlstaff:      ":include:/etc/mail/lists/emlstaff" 
The file is a plain text file I created and is a plain list of email
addresses.  I also run 'newaliases' after each change to the /etc/aliases

The email alias fails and the message gets bounced back to me with the
following error:

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
<emlstaff at wilfred.berkeley.edu> ":include:/etc/mail/lists/emlstaff"
    (expanded from: <emlstaff at wilfred.berkeley.edu>)

   ----- Transcript of session follows ----- 550
":include:/etc/mail/lists/emlstaff"... Cannot open
/etc/mail/lists/emlstaff: Group writable directory
554 <emlstaff at wilfred.berkeley.edu>... aliasing/forwarding loop broken

I did everything according to the manuals I've read - running linux,
essential system administration, and unix system administration handbook -
but I'm still scratching my head.  What step am I missing, or failing to
Thanks for your help.

Gordon Ante Vrdoljak Electron Microscope Lab ICQ 23243541
http://nature.berkeley.edu/~gvrdolja 26 Giannini Hall
gvrdolja at nature.berkeley.edu UC Berkeley phone (510) 642-2085 Berkeley CA

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