[svlug] Linux tracking/stats s/w

Thu May 6 19:50:45 PDT 1999

hi Everyone,

thanks to all of you who emailed me offering to code a custom 
webtracking/stats software program for $1500.00, sorry, but i already
have a hotshot coder (hi ya, heheehe) that can do this, but your missing
the whole point/first line of original question----(THAT ADVERTISIERS 
LIKE). i'am not getting this for myself, although i have to admit, i
like checking out all the fancy fig's,graphs and bar charts. no, i'am
getting this as a sales tool. i'am not dealing with the s/a,coder types
(that really know what's going on), no, i'am dealing with upper 
management--vp marketing/vp advertising, who are the one's that sign
the po's, and they only know one thing--BRAND NAMES, like WEBTRENDS,
DOUBLECLICK etc. Webtrends claims that they have 40% of the top 500
companies, examples givin were INTEL,IBM,COMCAST and the list goes on.
surely, companies like intel and ibm have coders that can make custom
tracking software, so why do they spend the $1500+ for someone else's
stuff? answer: ever heard the old saying..you can't get fired for buying
a trusted/proven/standard ibm? so, i guess what really gets me is the 
fact that the webtrends nt version is going for 400 bucks and the linux 
version goes for 1400, Hmmm, something seems backwards here. should be
linux hotshot tracking/stat/open s/w for $199.00. hmmm (light goes on)--
i think i'll keep all those email's. thanks--randy

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