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Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Sat Jan 30 18:54:39 PST 1999

[BTW, if you  don't like the language, don't bother  the poor listmaster who
is in no way responsible for it, take it with the original poster, thank you

On 30 Jan 1999 14:48:42 -0800, Hans Cathcart <hans at itavera.com> wrote:
>I actually think claims like SSLUG or even our own SVLUG to be the biggest
>are sort of silly and counter productive. Linux is based around cooperation

Thank you.

I am also starting to get slightly  annoyed by all  this. 
To set  the record straight, I  sent an Email to  Michael Nordstrom pointing
out the  SV was a  pretty small  area, and that  their English web  page did
imply that SSLUG only had a meeting 4 times a year.
He responded  that the  region in  which SSLUG members  live isn't  that big
either (even if it spawns in two countries). As for the English web page, it
was severly  outdated, and indeed  not very clear  (the person who  wrote it
didn't  have the  same  command of  the English  language  a native  speaker

As far  as I'm concerned,  that's all I  need. I'm enclined to  believe that
they are indeed bigger than us, and  even if they're not, it doesn't matter.
Let's not forget that we're supposed to be working together.
As far as I'm concerned, some of this was due to miscommunication.

Most of  you have seen  Ian's editorial. In return,  SSLUG felt they  had to
respond (if they  hadn't some would have complained  about being ignored). 
I found the page on their web site: http://www.sslug.dk/~pto/largestLUG.html

This is all silly,  I really hope it's going to  end here. After having CCed
their web team on my answer to Michael,  I got a few answers back, and all I
can say, is that they're nice  folks. They're going to re-work their English
page a bit, and we agreed that this should end here.

After things cool down a bit, they will consider putting a link to us, and a
few  lines, hopefully  settling this  for good. I  have suggested  that they
consider something similar to this:
We  believe to  be the  largest LUG  of the  world based  on the  number of 
subscribers  to our  mailing list,  but it's  difficult to  compare numbers 
which are  not necessarly related, so  we would like to  acknowledge SVLUG, 
another big LUG.                                                            
In the  end, the only  thing that  matters is that  LUGs all over  the world
become bigger

If you don't like it, I'd rather you flood my mailbox telling me how much of
a bonehead I am, than having each of  you send them your version of what you
think they should put.

On our side, we  really ought to take out Ian's  editorial (sorry Ian), most
people who cared already read it and I don't think it helps putting all this
behind us. I'd much rather see something like:
We believe to  be the largest LUG  in America, but it is  very possible that
SSLUG can claim the  title of largest LUG in the  world. Knowing for sure is
difficult because  all this is  based on mailing list  subscription numbers,
and they're not  all that relevant anyway since both  lists have subscribers
from remote  locations (for  instance, SVLUG has  subscribers from  about 20
different countries).
What does  matter is that all  LUGs grow and  that we work together  to keep
spreading the word about Linux.

Thank you,

PS: Cool picture in the jet, Ian :-)
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