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Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Fri Jan 29 18:29:49 PST 1999

hi ya 

> > From: Seth David Schoen <schoen at uclink4.berkeley.edu>
> > Actually, at least two attorneys have been quoted in the mainstream
> > press on the issue.  One predicted a large class-action lawsuit after
> > the event if Microsoft didn't provide refunds.
> If MS doesn't provide refunds (and their last official reaction said they
> wouldn't) I sort of expect to see at least one lawyer file a class-action
> suit on behalf of the Linux community, without asking the Linux community.
> It's a scam some of them do in order to make sure the hefty legal fees out
> of a settlement will go to them.

i think there are some legal guidelines the attorneys have to follow
in order to file a class action suit... including some/several entities that
are the *pointman* sort to speak whom is filing the charges...
	- question for the officers is if this were to happen, does SVLUG
	- send that attorney a letter/notice and what position does the other
	- LUGs take ???
	- big complicated mess....that is what they are betting on...
	- if we organize...no problem to win...i think....

> So it doesn't surprise me that some are offering to help with this.
> Depending on the individual lawyer, it may or may not be honest motives.
> Many of them just see the dollar signs...


> Still, the ones who come to us offering to help shouldn't be ignored.

yes... I claim the more people we know...the better your options...

> Try to pick the ones you work with wisely.  There are good ones out there.
> It's just hard to tell them from the slick-talking scam artists.

easy to tell the "slick talkers"... 
- watch the legal bils mount and nothing gets resolved...
	- they got paid no matter what the outcome...

since MS has a huge legal staff....the linux community and other entities
needs to have an equivalent high-powered staff....or at least a brave
and knowledgeable one to take on *the dinosaur*

have fun linuxing

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