[svlug] CDRW recommendations and/or war stories?

Rick Moen rick at hugin.imat.com
Tue Jan 26 16:18:15 PST 1999

Quoting Wulf Losee (wlosee at cisco.com):

> I'm shopping for a external CDRW drive (which I hope plug into my parallel
> port of my Toshiba notebook -- running Linux). All of the drives I've
> looked at are Windoze-compatible. The SVLUG archives doesn't come up with
> much with a keyword of "CDRW".  Anyone been through this?  Any suggestions?

Yamaha, Ricoh, and Philips are all good.  SCSI works best, ATAPI is OK.
Best to stay away from parallel-port ones.

More info:

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