[svlug] 3Com Impact IQ and Linux - solution

Ward Willats ward at wardco.com
Sun Jan 24 10:07:10 PST 1999

Hello All:

I've tried to send a zany and long posting to the group 3 times now and so
far it hasn't shown up because (I guess) the egroups spam filter is
bouncing it. (Humph!)

Anyway, in that posting I noted that, even though I've been able to get my
LavaLink 16650 serial card working at 230kbs to my 3Com ImpactIQ ISDN
modem, when I tried to run both "B" channels by forcing async-sync PPP as
the protocol the 3Com could use, both channels would come up, LCP
negotiation would complete, but I could not get any inbound packet traffic
over IPCP (even though it looked like it started OK too).

Welll...based on some talk on the diald mailing list, I set the pppd async
map to 20A000 and escape FF (based on one of the config files that came
w/pppd). Viola -- this works, and I can now run both "B" channels, yeah!

So, this raises two "curiosity" questions:

1. Why does this work? (I guess I can experiment to see if both the
"asyncmap" and "escape" options are required.)


2. Is there a way to have the second "B" channel come and go "on the fly"
based on demand...?

Finally, in the other posting I asked if the ip-up script actually
executed, because it didn't seem to be working. Turns out I had specified
it in the pppd options, but not the diald options where it belonged. Doh!

-- Ward

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