[svlug] Hardware support?

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Sat Jan 23 12:06:27 PST 1999

J M wrote:
> Question: in segmenting the actual hardware health from an enduser that
> "appears" to have defective hardware; if you insert the boot floppy
> created at install- as the image is initializing it is checking the
> hardware from a level below the NOS. If this is true...I'm thinking that
> if you get to command line that is a "green light" for the hardware?

  no, it is not. it merely suggests that it works 'somewhat'.

  you need some sort of 'burn in' programs to really stress the system
and test everything - memory, video card, HDs, network cards etc...

  you need something like checkit for dos/windows. unfortunately I am
not aware of any programs like this for linux, and I vaguely remember
that these questions were already asked and that there was no positive
answer. it was suggested that a huge compile tests the system
(memory&disk&procesor mainly) quite thoroughly, but you still need to
test the network and video.

  there are some test programs for X, you can use those.

  you might want to search the net for testing tools, stress test,
benchmarks etc for linux.


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