[svlug] Netscape bus error/Windowmaker question

Colleen B Noonan cbnoonan at visionation.com
Fri Jan 22 10:54:13 PST 1999

["Reginald B. Charney" <charney at CharneyDay.com>]
> I am also running Netscape under Windows 95 and the same thing happens under
> Win95. I believe that there is a severe memory/bus problem with Netscape
> under a heavy load. If I have been surfing the web heavily for an hour or
> more, my system will freeze. The activity that seems to bring this on is back
> stepping heavily. Unfortunately, this is just antidotal evidence.
> Reg.
Thanks for everyone's help.  

One thing, what does a "heavy load" qualify as?  At the time this
occurs, I usually have about 4 xterms open and I'm launching one
browser.  I don't really surf too heavily from home.  I'm sure it
is a memory or bus problem, though.



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