[svlug] Can the NT Bootloader and Lilo Co-Exist?

Rafael Skodlar raffi at kset.com
Tue Jan 19 19:42:47 PST 1999

On Sat, 16 Jan 1999, Darrell Earnshaw wrote:

> Hi,
> I thought I'd try sneaking RH5.2 onto my NT workstation. Everything went
> well - I could non-destructively partition the NTFS file-system,
> installed RH no problem, and (in a fit of stupidity) put Lilo in the
> MBR. Everything looked great when I rebooted and selected Linux. So far,
> so good. But, on hearing my bosses voice in the distant, it was time to
> look like I was really working... time to go back to the NT-world.
> However, on rebooting and selecting "NT" up came the Microsoft
> blue-screen-of-death - bummer!
> So, this now begs the question(s):
> [1] Is the problem completely irretreivable, or are there steps I can
> take to remove Lilo and restore the standard NT loader?
> [2] If Lilo cannot live on the MBR, presumably I can use /sbin/lilo to
> force it to some other location. Right?

I believe that you could recover from that since lilo puts MBR in one of
the files in /boot.

man pages to the rescue:

       lilo - install boot loader

       Main function:

        /sbin/lilo - install boot loader

       Auxiliary uses:

        /sbin/lilo -q - query map
        /sbin/lilo -R - set default command line for next reboot
        /sbin/lilo -I - inquire path name of current kernel
        /sbin/lilo {-u|-U} - uninstall lilo

       -u device-name
              Uninstall lilo, by copying the  saved  boot  sector
              back. A time-stamp is checked.

The alternative is to use NT recover disk and overwrite MBR. You'll need
to configure NT to boot another OS to get Linux working.

> In the meantime, I just switch off my monitor and tell my boss it's in
> "power-save" mode.

You are genius :-)

However, there are some GIF files which could make your system look like
an NT in different stages. Don't know where that is right now.

> Thanks in advance,
> Darrell.
> SAP Labs.
> (650) 849-4024.

Good luck,

   Rafael Skodlar
My opinions are free, everything else is negotiable

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