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patents@dx0man.prestel.co.uk patents at dx0man.prestel.co.uk
Tue Jan 19 01:04:46 PST 1999

Mind taxing time ... I got a nice new Seagate Barracuda drive for my
new Linux box. Its an ST 12550-ND and its a current Seagate product
according to their literature, (although tech support in UK/USA is
apparently uaware of that). The price was good so there must be a
snag .. Yes, its that ND suffix, which I now know is narrow
differential. So it has a regular scsi-2 50 pin connector which needs
a differential adapter to interface to a normal single ended
controller card. But although I found a firm in NJ who do such in-line
devices, their one-off cost is more than a new scsi drive. (In fact I
went to Newark from here - and back - for less last May).
Anybody know a fix for this, or a source of reasonably priced
adapters ? I'm due to visit San Diego mid-February on vacation so
collection might not be a big problem.

John G3JAG 
E-Mail:John Crux (patents at dx0man.prestel.co.uk)
Date: 19-Jan-99
Time: 08:50:14


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