[svlug] Homesite advocates in SVLUG?

Reginald B. Charney charney at CharneyDay.com
Tue Jan 19 12:44:27 PST 1999

If Delphi was available on Linux, I would buy it in a minute (given the price was


P.S. Ian, is that what you were asking? I am a bit puzzled by your comment.

Ian Kluft wrote:

> > From: "Reginald B. Charney" <charney at CharneyDay.com>
> > [...] A request from you and Allaire
> > to Borland/Inprise would carry much more weight than most of us.
> > Try it and let us know what happens. Thanks.
> BTW, Jeff represents ELUG in Orlando, Florida.  You could get more than
> one LUG involved in this request.
> (If SVLUG is to be included, I'd recommend that the request be handled by
> SVLUG members who know the product and genuinely intend to buy a Linux
> version of it.)
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