[svlug] Y2K URL?

Rafael Skodlar raffi at kset.com
Tue Jan 19 11:35:21 PST 1999

On 19 Jan 1999, John Conover wrote:

> My wife's company had some questions on Y2K, which meant that they ask
> her to ask me. I told her just use Linux and forget about it. But they
> have a heterogenous environment-with a lot of clericals who's favorite
> color is blue.
> Does anyone know of a good URL that explains the BASICS of Y2K to get
> her off my back?

Listen to Art Bell on AM radio and you'll get scared to death or move to a
mountain cabin with a portable generator, food for 1 year, and a box of
ammunition :-)
Don't forget to buy gold to protect yourself, and keep cash in your
matresses :-)

Art has some good links to sites like

from http://www.artbell.com/hotlinks.html

Have you tried http://www.y2k.com ?

By the way he has an awsome picture of Jet visually breaking the sound
barrier:  http://www.artbell.com/images/jetbarrier.jpg

> 	Thanks,
> 	John

Use Linux, the end is coming

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