[svlug] The Other InstallFest [was: January Installfest cancelled]

Michael Higashi mhigashi at hooked.net
Fri Jan 15 17:30:41 PST 1999

On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Russ Emerson wrote:

> It is my sad duty to announce that the January Installfest originally
> scheduled for tomorrow, January 16, has been cancelled due to the
> unavailability of our usual site.

Anyone who wants to go to a Linux InstallFest this month is welcome to
come to the _other_ one, sponsored jointly by the CABAL, BALUG, and SVLUG. 

This will be held on the Saturday after this, January 23 from 10am to 4pm,
at the Robert Austin Computer Show held in the Oakland Convention Center
(10th and Broadway, near Oakland's Chinatown). 

There will also be a series of Linux seminars at this InstallFest:
	What is Linux? --   Nick Moffitt
	Finding answers to your Linux questions --   Rick Moen
	An introduction to the Linux command line --   Mike Higashi
	An introduction to configuring X --   Heather Stern

This will be a really good place to evangelize computer users. I strongly
encourage anyone interested in spreading the gospel of Linux or in helping
other Linux users to come and join us.

Admission to the Robert Austin Computer Show is free if you get an email
ticket, othewise it's $5. If you want to attend a seminar, the Robert
Austin Show will be charging an additional $5 for admission to all of
them. (That money will go towards renting the audio/visual equipment that
we'll be using to give the seminars.)

You can sign up for the free email tickets at their Web site:

The next CABAL LinuxFest after this will be on Saturday, February 27, at
the Cow Palace in Day City. Anyone who wants to give a Linux seminar for
beginners at that one please contact me. 

Mike Higashi
mhigashi at hooked.net

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