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Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jan 14 23:27:06 PST 1999

Clive Bittlestone wrote:

>     So in my case exchange server 5.0 is used, and it does have
> the internet mail connector installed. I need to access the calendar
> thing so I don't understand what the mail connector has to do with it?

Adding my feeble $0.02, I think a calendar linkage is in the realm of
possibility, though it would probably involve work and/or effort. 
Outlook does have a fairly extensive data import/export capability which
include a number of file formats, including Access, Excel, and CSV or
tab-delimited data.  While this isn't integration, it at least opens the
door to writing a script or VB program which will do the dirty deed for

I also believe Outlook talks with other MS products, including Project. 
If you can find out how it does this, you might look into kludging
something onto this.  Finally, with the proliferation of handheld
devices, there are upload/download modules for this as well, for WIN/CE,
I know, for Palm Pilot I'd put good money on.  So if you can make your
Linux box think it's a Palm Pilot for the time it takes to talk to
Outlook....   You might also check O'Reilly's "Outlook Annoyances" and
Palm Pilot books to see if there are any other clues to be had.

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