[svlug] Internet Bill to be passed

Jack Beglinger jackb at magicnet.net
Wed Jan 13 04:48:14 PST 1999

> Please visit the following URL:   http://www.house.gov/writerep/
> Fill out the form there with your zip code PLUS the 4 digit -xxxx that
> follows it...Then hit the "Lookup Representative" button...It will give
> you
> the name of the representative for YOUR area...  scroll to the bottom
> left
> of that page & click on "House of Representatives Home Page"...on the top
> right of the page it brings you to...click on "Member Offices" on the top
> right...It will give you a list of Representatives & click on the name of
> yours...

Do not waste time with e-mail.  You get autoresponder and bit bucket. 
 If you are passion it about this, USE PAPER and PEN, or CALL.  Then 
your voice will be heard.


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