[svlug] Silicon Rax

Derek Vadala derek at usfca.edu
Fri Jan 8 23:05:21 PST 1999

>Back to where the thread started, everything you're looking for is
>available from Siliconrax (www.siliconrax.com).  Take a look there before
>trying to jump on a custom-case adventure for a business use.
>Ian Kluft  KO6YQ PP-ASEL                                  Cisco Systems, Inc.

Agreed. The tangential explosion only reinforced my original notion to go
with Siliconrax. It seems that most people who've used them are pretty
happy and the new found reference to Sliger will be good for price
comparisons. I was mostly just wondering if there were better
vendors/equipment and not better prices and since I'm not really looking
for a metal box, but rather a rack-mount chasis with power and the works, I
don't think custom made stuff would be a better bet here and vendor hassles
are the last thing any sysadmin wants to deal with. 

On a side note, the SBC stuff seems to have gotten lost in the crossfire.
Has anyone used the Siliconrax SBC chasis and boards? Any blow-ups or praise?

Derek Vadala, Information Technology, University of San Francisco 

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