[svlug] Silicon Rax

Ian Kluft ikluft at cisco.com
Fri Jan 8 21:12:23 PST 1999

Since the discussion about the custom case turned into "go find him
yourself" and I'm still skeptical about anything custom being a bargain,
I'm not sufficiently motivated to spend any time on that...  If someone
else can answer the questions I asked on the list, I may consider it
again later.

> From: Derek Vadala <derek at usfca.edu>
> Ditto. I'm looking for something that basically mirrors what Ian
> describes-- essentialy a standard medium tower case but rack mountable.
> [drive bays, redundant hot-swap power supplies, sliding rails, etc...]

Back to where the thread started, everything you're looking for is
available from Siliconrax (www.siliconrax.com).  Take a look there before
trying to jump on a custom-case adventure for a business use.
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