[svlug] "luxury" problem.

Chris Waters xtifr at dsp.net
Fri Jan 8 15:24:01 PST 1999

Bill Schoolcraft wrote:

> I show this box to alot of win95 users but I always have to
> say:"Wait a minute, let me show you a cool background!" and then
> start xearth.

> Of course they ask me why can't I just have it by default? ... I'm
> trying.

Well, you *could* point out that with Linux, your system doesn't crash,
so you don't need things to start by default -- you can just start them
and leave them running.  They'll stay for years unless you deliberately
stop them.  :-)

The easiest solution though, if you really want a solution, is to use a
system that provides session management.  That means that it remembers
what was running when you shut it down, and restarts everything next
time you start it.  Such systems include newer versions of Window Maker,
GNOME, and KDE.  (Probably more, those are the ones I know about.)

Other people have covered technical suggestions on how to make this work
if you *don't* switch to a system with session management, so I won't go
into details there.  I just wanted to point out an interesting

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