[svlug] linux and vpn (pptp)

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Thu Jan 7 16:19:02 PST 1999

hi marc

> >>   I would like to connect to nt server using the pptp protocol. I have
> >> found pptp for linux, however when I run it it soon closes down. it
> >> looks like this:

> >I trust you are using the pptp server for linux ?
> I thought there wasn't a linux pptp server (just a client and a masquerading
> module)

you're probably right...thought they had a pptp server too...
and seems to be the same from a year ago ??

here's some pptp stuff I kept notes on:

.deb archives: http://debs.fuller.edu/
        mailing list: pptp at debs.fuller.edu
        pptp archive: http://debs.fuller.edu/cgi-bin/messages?list=pptp

	- has a linux pptp in fine print under source code
		see the "USING" file too...


...have more notes floating around someplace...donnno where....:-(

have fun

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