[svlug] linux and vpn (pptp)

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Thu Jan 7 01:07:17 PST 1999


  I would like to connect to nt server using the pptp protocol. I have
found pptp for linux, however when I run it it soon closes down. it
looks like this:

bash# ./pptp vpnhost.xxx.com
(unknown)[292]: log[pptp_dispatch_ctrl_packet:pptp_ctrl.c:531]: Client
connection established.
(unknown)[292]: log[pptp_dispatch_ctrl_packet:pptp_ctrl.c:637]: Outgoing
call established.

bash# (unknown)[292]: log[pptp_dispatch_ctrl_packet:pptp_ctrl.c:671]:
Call closed (NTFY) (call id 0)
(unknown)[292]: log[pptp_conn_close:pptp_ctrl.c:275]: Closing PPTP

  I believe I should have specified the username and password somewhere
but I have no idea where. I haven't found a howto for pptp (there are
several vpn faq but they do not go further then link to pptp for linux),
the documentation for pptp for linux does not say anything about

  anybody willing (and able:-) to share experiences connecting to win nt
using vpn (pptp)? any ideas?



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