[svlug] Re: InstallFests + Seminarsryry

Javilk javilk at owl.mall-net.com
Sat Jan 30 23:49:47 PST 1999

> >    How about Linux Internet Security?  How to keep from getting hacked.  I
> > could teach _PART_ of it, maytbe ten or fifteen minutes worth; but do NOT

> Jim Dennis is speaking on this at LinuxWorld.  I realize it's bad form
> to nominate someone else for a freebie, but I suppose he could be asked.

  When is Linux World and where?
> I'd also like pointers on configuring network services (mail, usenet) on
> a PPP dialup machine.  I currently use POP and remote news services. 
> I've had a back-burner project for a year now to set up scheduled mail
> and news download/delivery.  Silly things like naming my local
> host/network, mail aliases, fetchmail, sendmail/qmail, and the like. 
> Pine barfs at me (incomplete maildomain).  I've had problems with a
> listserv which picks up my full mail headers, which somewhere includes a
> "karsten at ix.netcom.com" -- "karsten" is my Linux userid, but "kmself" is
> my Netcom ID.  Big pain o' the butt.

     On this notebook, I am having all kinds of troubles with mail, both
fetchmail failing, and elm not working, (Not to mention X not working
again...)  whereas everything was fine when I had the other machine on the
net. And on this machine before I reinstalled everything after the
break-in) Soo... since my ISP puts everything into a file called "inbox" 
on my disk, I have a script FTP it to this machine, then rename the old
mail box on the ISP to inbox.old, just in case of some screw-up. I can
then read the FTP'd mail box with "elm -f inbox". (and a few more
gyrations to store it to folders, generate lynxable reference files, etc.
I can e-mail you the scripts if you like.)  That does assume that
sendmail is working...

    Funny thing is, when I nfs-mount the other machine's mail files, Elm
starts working fine.  (I am using this machine as a sacrificial paper
wall, and pulling the ethernet plug between it and my network except when
I have to FTP data files back and forth.)

     Pine?  I tried it, and think elm is simpler.  To each, his own...

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