[svlug] Linux performance tuning - samba

Balaji Srinivasan balaji at cplane.com
Wed Apr 28 16:10:27 PDT 1999

> I have heard alot about this samba but as of yet I still can't get my win95 
> machines to even see the samba server even though the server is working, 
> ping,ftp,telnet and
> everything else is working....... I even reloaded win95 on my machine. I sure 
> would like to know what is the BIG SECRET on getting this to work. I spent 
> months and still nothing, went to the samba org home page read every single 
> doc and still nothing.... everyone I talked to heard of it but never used it 
> I sure wish there was somebody in the San Jose area who actually got this to 
> work

We use samba on all our machines out here...
and no problems. One thing to check is if your win95 uses encrypted
password. I know NT4.0 and win98 does which causes some problem with samba
unless you use smbpasswd to set it up

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