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Javilk javilk at polly.mall-net.com
Tue Apr 27 21:16:12 PDT 1999

> At 08:31 PM 4/27/99 -0700, Javilk wrote:

Someone else wrote:
> >> > Anyone know who is about to lose their staff?
> >> Only two I can think of that fill that bill are Netcom or Concentric.

Javilk wrote:
> >    We are pulling some domains from Concentric due to their cut down
> >"unix" servers  being too cut down. If I can't run a chmod, I can't do the
> >work I am supposed to do!

> May I be the first to ask (politely for those in the audience keeping 
> score), just what in the heck it is you're talking about?

     I, Javilk, am a consultant.  I have a client, a web consulting
company in Florida, who is on Concentric, running a number of domain names
for their clients.  (I think Concentric is in the Midwest, I am in

     Concentric is a web hosting company.  They offer "unix" based
servers. (I think based on Sun Solaris, or maybe I am confusing them with
another project I just did for the web consulting company.) Those servers
have an operating system so stripped of tools, that there is no "chmod"
utility.  Concentric's tech support tried to tell the company that I was
consulting to, that it was not necessary to change the file permissions of
any files on the web space.  They were grossly incorrect, as we were
setting up a very large number of logging files. I then managed to
escalate the call to a systems administrator at Concentric, who agreed
with me that it would not be possible to do what we had set out to do, and
likely not possible to install the other packages my client's clients had
ordered, if we tried to do it on their stripped systems.  He agreed with
me that it was not quite polite to strip a machine of tools to that point.

     As a result of my report back to my client, the web consulting
company has started the process of pulling a number of domains, I think 20
something domains, from Concentric's service to another hosting service.  
They will be credited for the amounts they were billed, but not for what
it cost the web consulting company to hire me to try to straighten out the
problems this has caused, nor the loss of revenues the web consulting
company suffered due to the misrepresentation of "unix hosting".

     Now is it clear?

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