[svlug] Linux performance tuning

Justin Ryan [PHT] justin at turbolinux.com
Mon Apr 26 15:42:35 PDT 1999

> if people want to do some benchmarks...think they should do a 
> "fair comparason".... like why not include redhat and debian into
> that list ....

definitely.. the thing is that, at least at the time of that article, most
linux distributions, afaik, compiled stuff fairly the same, most, if not
all, used the older gcc and no extra optimizations.. they weren't
comparing SuSe to Turbo, they were comparing SuSe to Nt and, for some
reason, decided to toss TL in there, or decided to mention it because it
was easier to install, everything worked out-of-box, and it was 50% faster
than, as they put it "untuned linux".. I've love to see some benchmarks
off all the distros, I'd even help if I was there..

I'm no expert on performance tuning, I'm still learning a lot of things, I
just know that those are the results I've seen, and I know what kinds of
optimizations we do, and some basic ones available from egcs just from
talking w/ our dev's

> if we want to do some of our own benchmarks....I'm game....
> have fun linuxing
> alvin
> have 3 identical hardware: redhat-5.9, slack-3.6, caldera-1.3 
> have 4 more PCs w/ plus debian-2.1, rh-5.x, suse-5.0, 6.0
> 	- wrote a smail raid test scripts too

I think we could hook y'all up with a copy of the latest TL for the test..
3.6 will be available soon with the 2.2 kernel, etc.. will be a couple
weeks but i don't know when you'll do the benchmarks, if you decide to do
em.. let me know.. of course, updates are available for 3.0.1 to go to
2.2, etc.. but It would be nice fi you guys could see the improvements
that have taken place in the past 3-4 months :)


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